Seva Programs

Kshuda Nivarana

Providing food packets at bus stand, railway station and hospitals daily in Kurnool town.

Trisha Nivarana

Providing drinking water at Geetha Mukherjee Nagar and Vishnu Township, Kurnool.

Rugna Nivarana

Providing free medicines and treatment to patients in NTR Nagar and Geetha Mukherjee Nagar, Kurnool.

Ugadi Siva Bhakta Seva

Providing food, water, fruits, butter milk, snacks, oil massage, free medical assistance and shelter.

Our Books

Ashraya Trust not only believes in helping people but also in sharing the knowledge possessed to further the help. Hence, the books we sell are all metaphorical pillars of understanding Sri Vidya in a much more intense manner. Swamy Avadhoota Nadananda shares his experiences in these books. Some of them are written by the disciples of Guruji based on His classes on Sri Vidya and various other topics. Every penny earned through the sale of these books goes towards the donation for Ashraya Trust and is used productively to help more and more people.

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Years Of Service to people

People served every year

  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    As a volunteer in Ashraya Trust, I have seen the passion in everyone around me for being able to help our walking Sivas. The kind of dedication and perseverance that they show is truly commendable and I’m honoured to be a part of this Trust.

    -Kiran, Volunteer
  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    I have seen men and women walking from far away places to visit our temple during Ugadi, most of them are badly bruised and hurt. What Ashraya Trust has started to do since the past eight years is definitely that of an angel. I see people healing through them and that is amazing.

    -Vijay Krishna
  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    Most organisations that want to help donate but what Ashraya Trust is doing is beyond help. They clean and wash bruised feet of people, massage them and give medicines for them to cure while they are on their holy journey. They have always shown empathy in abundance and I feel a sense of pride to be a donor in this trust.

    -Sai Anand, Donor
  • Donation Holders say Read Below

    I’ve been consecutively volunteering for Ashraya Trust since the past five years. The trust started with the sole motive of helping people who leave everything behind and walk for days barefoot. Their strength moulds our strength and motivates us to help them out in every way possible.

    -Krishna Rao, Volunteer

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